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2020: Render's Year In Review

Dec 22, 2020
The year started with the knowledge that as an industry, our collective focus was to address the digital inequality facing global communities. With COVID-19, the industry has become central to supporting a new way of learning, working, living, and keeping society safe and well. 

At Render, we understand our technology enablement role in building the infrastructure needed to support a COVID reality and advanced technology use cases, in enabling simplified large-scale deployment, and in delivering efficienciencies that significantly improve the quality, delivery timelines and cost outcomes for telecommunications network deployments. We take this role incredibly seriously and have made the following investments in 2020. 

Investment in our technology: Innovate for impact

Complexities are often best solved with technology. Render’s next-generation Digital Network Construction platform launched this year represents a significant step forward in the industry’s ability to harness real-time, geospatial data to deliver fiber and wireless networks at speed without increasing risk or compromising quality. Enhanced capabilities include:
 + One geospatial platform for end-to-end construction, QA, change management, and digital redlining processes enable project teams to dynamically identify and resolve issues and document changes as work is completed, improving time-to-market up to 2x.
 + An integrated view of end-to-end construction data for all stakeholders significantly increasing project visibility and construction insights for a single project or portfolio.
 + Mapping of downstream system requirements to As-built data collection. Ensuring field teams capture consistent and complete digital construction data including work, material and digital red line data, photos and attachments to streamline customer connections, invoicing and handover to network operations.
> Download our next-gen Digital Network Construction Guide 

Investment in our people: From the industry, for the industry

We have made bold investments across the organization. Our US team has grown 6x and our Global talent has increased 3x across 4 countries this year with significant investments in engineering, network delivery and market development. Our team’s proven track record includes Tier 1, municipal, and  rural deployments throughout the United States and Asia Pacific region, and this 50+ years of combined telecom and wireless experience is an integral part of our solution. Our operating model is that of a partner, we provide industry expertise to mitigate risk and optimize outcomes across the entire lifecycle. 

Investment in our customers and their communities:  Delivery confidence supported by data

This year has caused us all to reflect on the value of relationships and it’s our customers’ successes that amount to the greatest wins of 2020:
 + 12 new projects kicked-off across 3 countries and 8 US states, connecting over 800K premises to the potential of reliable, high-speed broadband.
 + 100% deployment continuity throughout the pandemic with remote project management, and keeping network teams productive and moving.
 + 2x faster speed-to-market with universally positive customer connection experiences, enabling our customers to move towards break-even and ROI faster.
 + 30% field productivity improvements and 50% reduction in administration overheads  by optimizing, streamlining and automating workflows
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One thing that is certain in today’s environment is that internet connectivity is fundamental to our lives and livelihoods. As we move towards peak fiber deployment, and both governments’ and the private sector continue to invest billions in fiber infrastructure – Render’s mission of continuous innovation to build networks better has never been more relevant.

We hope your family and community are holding up as well as can be expected after a year of challenge and resilience.

Have a safe and happy holiday, and bring on a brighter 2021!

We realize that every business case is unique. That’s why in addition to the value calculator featured here, we also provide a complimentary Network ROI Assessment with Render’s leadership team to review the specific details of your project.
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