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Industry Guide: How-to deploy quality fiber networks faster than ever before

Jul 8, 2020

Recently, Render asked 150 industry leaders & professionals their #1 deployment challenge. 37% indicated manual, paper-based processes and handoffs, while 29% stated decreasing productivity across the lifecycle to be the greatest barrier to efficient delivery. 

What if we told you we could solve these challenges, and more, with a Digital Network Construction approach?

When looking for a solution to these challenges, it’s evident that digital workflows, automation and technology are what’s needed to evolve traditional approaches.

Render’s unique digital network construction platform is solving these exact challenges guided by three core principles:

1. Turn the design into work, and simply build the design utilizing today’s technology
2. Construction workflow digitalization, automation and optimization (removing the need for physical construction documentation)
3. Real-time, geospatial visibility for all stakeholders

Importantly, the end-to-end digital data capture and workflow from field validation to construction management to as-built record completion enables your project to be 100% paperless delivering unequalled productivity, visibility & control from the field to the office. 

Download the Digital Network Construction guide and you will learn: 
  1. The importance of a task-based approach to drive world-class outcomes and efficiencies
  2. Actionable steps towards a Digital Network Construction strategy and how the three principles unlock productivity, visibility & control while reducing risk. 
  3. How the adoption of technology & digital practices significantly reduces project cost and completion timelines. 
  4. Potential ROI and benefits through the lens of a customer project delivering a 5,000-mile fiber network 55% ahead of schedule.

This guide has been built for network operators, cooperatives, engineering and construction teams looking to increase efficiencies and solve the complexities associated with large-scale, distributed networks.

Interested in how Render's construction work management platform can deliver efficiencies of up to 50% for your project, schedule a 30-minute discovery call here.

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