How Irby and Render are removing network delivery risk for cooperatives

Sep 13, 2021

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For the first time leaders from Render, Irby Utilities, and Southwest Tennessee Electric team up to share the network planning and digital delivery approach enabling > 30% reduction in construction schedule duration, 75% resource savings, and significant cost efficiencies.

This model is enabling rural and cooperative networks across the country to navigate resource constraints and access deployment best practices to ensure quality networks are reaching members faster.

Speaker Panel: 

Patric Reams-1.                           Billy Gordon                            Render Networks_Dan Flemming_130_High Res_Colour                              Sam    

Patrick Reams                                   
Director, Technology & Communications                                  Irby Utilities            
Billy Gordon                                    
VP Technical Operations                        Southwest Tennessee Electric
Dan Flemming                                  
Co-founder                                    Render Networks   
Sam Pratt                                    
Render Networks

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