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How technology is shaping the future of fiber and wireless network rollouts

Dec 9, 2020
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With unprecedented broadband investment and ambitious delivery timelines, the industry is looking to efficiencies and best-of-breed technologies to deliver quality networks more efficiently and with faster returns.

In this on-demand session, Render’s executive team will share the dynamics of the emerging telecommunications landscape and how successful fiber and wireless networks are leveraging technology to streamline deployment.  

Key highlights include how to:

      • Begin with the end in mind to de-risk your network delivery
      • Automate and accelerate the experience from customer request to connect, including the role of timely and accurate construction data in streamlining downstream operations and connecting customers 2x faster
      • Access a single, digital platform for end-to-end construction, QA, change, and redlining requirements
      • Meet and exceed RDOF and CAF II delivery and reporting obligations and avoid penalties for non-compliance
      • Leverage real-time, geospatial insights to proactively manage your fiber deployment

  • Speakers:

  •                  Frank DeJoy                 PHO-1      Render Networks_Sam Pratt_061_High Res_Colour
      • Sam Pratt                                  Frank DeJoy.                               Philip Osman
    • CEO                                          VP, Network Deployment.         Principal
      Render Networks                     Render Networks.                      Fastbreak Solutions LLC
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