You're Invited: Planning for network deployment success in RDOF and other funding initiatives

Sep 17, 2020

Thursday, 1 October - 2pm EDT, 1pm PDT

Federal and State funding initiatives present significant opportunities for cooperatives and network owners to build the infrastructure that under-served communities across rural America so desperately need. To participate in these programs, you need to evaluate the network plan, program scope, and build requirements. Understanding all available delivery options is critical to successful execution. In this session, Render’s leadership team will share key insights and considerations to support your efforts, including:
• How to satisfy Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF)  and other program buildout requirements and mitigate delivery risk
• Identifying potential build strategies and delivery models
• Tools to navigate milestone reporting obligations and avoid non-compliance measures
• Digital deployment trends to consider in advance of participation

This session is suitable for network operators and their trusted partners who are applying for the upcoming RDOF auction or recipients of Universal Service Fund programs like CAF Phase II who are seeking greater predictability and progress visibility in their current network deployment. 

  • Speakers: 
  • Sam.                     Sherwood-Lori_fitbox_250x250

    • Sam Pratt.                               Lori Sherwood
      CEO                                        Director, Commercial &
                                                      Market Development

With the RDOF auction just around the corner, you do not want to miss this session!


Interested in a complimentary RDOF Deployment Review? An opportunity to have Render's leadership team review your deployment scope and receive input on your RDOF budget.

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