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Podcast Episode #1: How data is transforming the fiber broadband industry

Dec 3, 2019

Render Connect is a platform aimed at elevating the conversation around leadership, tech and innovation trends impacting the broadband industry of today - and tomorrow. 

We are incredibly fortunate to kick off the Render Connect series with an inspirational industry figure. Steve Ross is well known as the founding editor and now Editor-at-Large at Broadband Communities magazine. Steve has worked in over 85 countries and speaks across the US and abroad on topics ranging from broadband feasibility, international relations, analytic journalism and for more than 20 years on the chronic refugee and poverty issues facing humanitarian aid organisations. He has worked and volunteered for the UN and has studied how humanitarians can work with the press and public to enhance their missions.

Before Broadband Communities, Steve lectured full-time at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, where he taught science, business and computer-assisted reporting - or as we call it today, data journalism.

His articles on the relationship between broadband access and job growth, particularly in reference to rural and disadvantaged communities have won multiple editorial awards and delivered unbiased data outcomes that have since justified $2.35 billion dollars in federal funding for rural broadband.

Data has been the cornerstone of Steve’s world for a long time. We could not imagine a more suitable candidate to join us today as we talk about how data is moving the broadband industry forward.

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