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Podcast Episode #2: Technology's evolving role in telecommunications construction

Jul 9, 2020

The Render Connect interview series is our platform for elevating the conversation around leadership and innovation trends impacting the broadband industry of today - and tomorrow. 

We are incredibly fortunate to bring you this episode with someone that Render is proud to call a friend - Gary Ervin, Co-founder and Executive Chairman, of Ervin Cable.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Ervin Cable entering the market, now a multi-state corporation operating in over 30 states with over 1000 employees. Gary Ervin, Co-founder and Executive Chairman, is a universally respected figure in the telecommunications industry and yet, arguably, some of his personal achievements steal the limelight from his professional career.

As part of the Render Connect executive series, Sam Pratt, Render Networks’ CEO, sat down with the telecommunications construction leader to unpack some of the technology and trends evolving the broadband sector - particularly in these challenging times - and the critical role cooperatives are playing in bridging the rural divide. 

Technology has been the cornerstone of Gary’s world for a long time. We could not imagine a more suitable leader to join us today as we talk about technology's evolving role in connecting communities. 

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