Render Networks and Decon Technologies respond to nbn Co’s call for innovation

Feb 19, 2019

As nbn Co closes in on its goal of delivering high-speed broadband to 8.1 million Australian premises, Render Networks and Decon Technologies have formed a strategic partnership to ensure the final stages of the complex, large-scale Fiber To The Curb (FTTC) rollout are delivered with industry leading technology to de-risk and vastly improve construction durations and cost.

As nbn Co powers towards a 2020 completion target, they are passing this pressure on to construction partners to deliver efficiencies and connect the network under aggressive deadlines. The FTTC approach, the magnitude of the construction data to be managed has significantly increased, amplifying the need for construction innovation.

Decon Technologies, one of Australia’s most progressive construction firms, recognised that a digital network construction strategy was the only delivery model that could automate, optimise and efficiently deliver FTTC connections at the pace and scale required.

Enter Render Networks. With a driving mission to build networks better and a shared vision with Decon on how technology and innovation can improve network construction practices, Render’s technology has been adopted to deliver 23,000 nbn Co connections in inner-suburban Richmond Victoria.

With vastly improved levels of visibility and control, Decon are monitoring completions in real-time enabling them to proactively keep teams moving and dramatically improve project velocity and outcomes. Early results indicate that the Richmond deployment will mirror the 55% saving in production delivery and 75% saving in forecasted administration resourcing spend being achieved by Render’s customer, Craighead Electric Cooperative in Arkansas, USA.

Sam Pratt, CEO of Render Networks, said: ‘The accelerated rollout of the nbn across Australia and increasing demand for fibre infrastructure globally have surfaced the need to innovate and leverage digital workflow technology to meet tight deadlines. 

Our partnership and Render’s technology will ensure Richmond’s rollout is a best practice case study for fibre network construction practices globally. nbn Co has challenged and incentivised the industry to innovate, and Decon and Render have responded.'

Results to date have been overwhelmingly positive, teams and subcontractors have embraced this new methodology surprisingly well. We’re excited to see the outcomes delivered in partnership with Render and at the prospect of using this technology across other network projects and opportunities.” - Chris Hunter, General Manager, Decon Corporation. 

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