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You're Invited: Render Roadmap, June Feature: Render QA

Jun 26, 2020

Thursday, 2 July - 3pm CDT, 4pm EDT

In this live session Render's leaders share a live platform tour introducing Render's construction work management platform and demonstrate how a digital approach enables network operators and construction teams to deliver today's fiber networks with schedule and cost efficiencies of up to 50%.

This month’s spotlight feature is Render’s QA Tracker. Enabling network teams to efficiently manage QA inspection and resolution processes with increased traceability, and with little to no delay in construction or or commercial impact. By embedding field inspection processes into a task-based construction workflow, defects are identified progressively and mapped to the resources who completed the work. Render’s QA Tracker tracks all issues in a single, geospatial view, and automates assignment of the rectification task to the original contractor for just-in-time resolution. 

The session wraps up with a Q&A that you don't want to miss!


Dan.                 Markus

  • Dan Flemming                         Markus Giesen
    Co-founder                              CPO

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