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Render Roadmap, October: Render Digital Redlines

Oct 20, 2020

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Join an introduction to Render's digital construction management platform and this month’s spotlight feature: Render Digital Redlines.
    • In this session, we explore the benefits of Render's revolutionary digital redline and change capabilities:
    •  - Continuously monitor and easily identify changes to the network design after construction has started, in real-time, at the asset level
    •  - Complete digital redlines in parallel with the construction workflow, enabling full auditability of network changes with progressive As-built updates
    •  - Solve for variations in the field in real-time and deliver an accurate record of the network streamlining downstream systems and customer connections
    •  - Reduce time-to-market by up to 50%

0 - 4 mins: Introduction to Render's unique Digital Construction approach
4 - 6.15 mins: Render platform walk-through
6.15 -15 mins: Render Digital Redlines overview


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  • Dan Flemming                           Markus Giesen
    Co-founder                                CPO

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