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RDOF Planning - 5 steps to network deployment success

Jun 15, 2020

The FCC’s Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) presents a unique opportunity to build the infrastructure desperately needed to connect under-served communities across rural America. For regional operators and cooperatives, the stakes are higher and more competitive than ever, and success in the auction relies on your ability to deploy networks that will stand the test of time for your members at the lowest possible bid.

Identifying the optimal build strategy, partner ecosystem and technology utilization for efficient network construction will ensure your application is well-positioned to benefit from the $20.4B funds available.

In this session, Sam Pratt and Dan Flemming cover key considerations and criteria for the deployment component of your RDOF application, including:
• Determining the optimal build strategy for quality networks and efficient delivery
• Determining the delivery model and risk allocation
• Detailed project scoping and prudent budget.
• Setting delivery obligations, milestones and success metrics
• Delivery confidence based on a data-driven approach to deployment

  • Speakers: 
  • Sam.                     Dan

  • Sam Pratt.                                Dan Flemming
    CEO                                         Co-founder

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