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Fiber RFP Framework: 5 key considerations for a successful network construction RFP

Jul 9, 2020

When approaching a construction RFP as a network or utility owner, knowing how to accurately define the project scope, delivery obligations and build priorities will mitigate risk and ensure you have the right partners to achieve the most efficient delivery and significantly improved transparency and control. In this session, Render's executive team will step you through the following:

 - 5 key considerations for a successful construction RFP
  •  - How to de-risk your RFP process
  •  - What questions need to be answered to clearly define project scope
  •  - How to ensure contractors understand the value and efficiencies achievable
  •  - Key components of an end-to-end digital network deployment

  • Sam.                     Dan

  • Sam Pratt.                                Dan Flemming
    CEO                                         Co-founder

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We realize that every business case is unique. That’s why in addition to the value calculator featured here, we also provide a complimentary Network ROI Assessment with Render’s leadership team to review the specific details of your project.

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